Big Shorty Rt. 40

BigShorty Rte. 40

Finally he found his brother from another mother, it’s over! Baltimore has proven the industry wrong. Andre` “Big Shorty Rte 40” Coxson and “Mahogany” is the answer to this el problemo. The gap between New York and Baltimore has now been filled. Since he was a youth, Big Shorty has been the center of attention, good and bad, but he always prevails. The entire city that reads back his rhymes plus the proof is in the pudding. He conquered the streets and now he is recording the streets just as fate would have it for the tallest soldier leprechaun you’ve ever seen. This man is an “extraordinaire” hip hop chosen one (1). The city is comparing him to 2Pac, Jay-Z, and T.I. Yeah, that’s right. “Hot like Crisco” as Shorty would say. He not only has flooded the streets with countless mix CDs, Albums, Independent Films, Videos, and Magazines, he’s also a Mentor for the troubled youth in Baltimore, MD and has the pull that the city uses to the fullest. Big Shorty is the never ending definition of a hungry soul that yurns for more. A lot of Politicians, Lawyers, Ladies, Preachers, Teachers, Fraternities, Gangs, Clicks, and Goons luv this man. Going from acting in movies with Willie D. to hosting BET Comedy shows with Katt Williams to John Witherspoon. He has hosted celebrity parties for people like Busta Rhymes and G-Unit. He is everywhere including TV hosting and writing for a show on Black Family Channel formerly on ABC called “Keeping it Real”. This 5’1”, 131 lbs. Giant has a heart of a lion from Zion and a soul from the Heavens. He has been locked up, shot, hated, and kidnapped, but he never took a lost that he could not overcome. These experiences has led him to give his golden touch to new challenges such as HIV awareness and spreading the word on stopping the violence.

Big Shorty has connections from the Bronx, Memphis, California, Atlanta, Savannah, New Orleans, and back again. People used to call him Dame-z Castro, then it went to Bruce Lee Marley because “It’s hard playing the help when you’re really the boss” which was the first album. People are willing to bargain for fame, but not him. Athletes from Sam Cassel to Carmelo Antony have shown their support. This young man is in the streets industry pounding the pavement for the result of satisfaction! Also being an exquisite entrepreneur, Mr. Coxson is rubbing elbows with the elite of the business like business manager Bert “The Big Cheese” Padell, Big Jon, and Adam Kaplan, esq. The best lawyer in the game. So keep your ears peeled and your eyes tuned in to this unorthodox, artistic, genius, songwriter, friend, general, young Don of the city. Hip hop has not given B-more a chance or the respect it deserves. Jada Pinkett Smith, Kevin Lyles, & Cathy Hughes know that Mr. Coxson is the truth. Closest thing the city ever had to a rap representative was 2Pac Shakur. Now Big Shorty Rte. 40 can fill the space for the home team. Big Shorty also attended the School of the Arts, but his stay was cut short due to the death of his father, who was murdered by a heavyweight boxer that Mike Tyson knocked out in the first round at Madison Square Garden. The drug wars in the 1980’s in the housing projects changed this champion’s direction and dreams for a number of years in the worst way, but now with spiritual guidance and a host of family support, he is well on his way to accomplish his dreams. It’s going to be a change for the situation at hand, just follow the speeder. Stay tuned to the atmosphere.



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