Rashan born in Nuremberg Germany. Now residing in Baltimore MD since 1989;. I was born into a family of singers and musicians. My grandfather along with his three brothers formed a singing group named the Five Crowns; the group would later become the Drifters. My father and his brother are singers and musicians as well. I started singing at the age of 9 in church and competed in many local talent shows in the Baltimore area. I taught myself how to play the piano at the age of 14; but my biggest accomplishment as a singer is when I competed for and won the Rosa Pryor music scholarship so I could receive training to perfect my craft as a singer/musician. After a year of vocal training I joined my high school choir and traveled all around Maryland singing at different venues and churches. During high school I started to write and compose my own songs which ultimately I formed a group with two other people named the verbal assassins which were rappers and I was the producer. After a couple of years of doing that I decided to become a solo R&B artist. Some of my musical influences are Daryl Coley, Stevie Wonder and my father; all of these musicians put into one person is me. That's why my voice is unique and my singing style cannot be compared with anyone else.

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