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Sunday Shout Out 3/16/14

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Friday April 4th D.O.T. Entertainment Presents THE ALL ARIES VIP BDAY EXTRAVAGANZA for D.O.T.'s own Brian! Calling all Odell’s, Gatsby, Fantasy, Pascals Crews & more! Come join us as we honor the 30th anniversary […]

Web Design Special

Independent artist, djs, producers, business owner! Don't have a website we can help! Prices have never been lower. Let us help you build your brand. Remember that for the most […]

Neal Conway Super Producer

  Neal Conway is a world-renowned Producer/Songwriter/DJ. Neal has been on the music scene since the late 80’s. He started out DJing under the guidance of his mentor Thommy Davis […]

Kia Calloway

It has been two years since sultry voiced singer Kia Calloway released her stunning debut “It’s Not A Game”. Blessed with a gorgeous instrument and described as a “True Entertainer” […]

Tai Theory

Tai Thompson was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Tai had a passion for music at a young age. At 12 years old he freestyled going to basketball practice everyday. Tai didn’t […]

Mahog Got Beatz

The 5 Soundtrack Commandments Music Producer talks selling his 1st beat to Jay-Z, working with Dr. Dre, movie placements, industry rule # 4,080 & more! Imsomie Leeper (born October 27, […]