Tai Theory

Tai Thompson was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Tai had a passion for music at a young age. At 12 years old he freestyled going to basketball practice everyday. Tai didn’t take music seriously in regards of recording and actually creating songs. He used to hang out with friends and freestyle in ciphers and battle other rappers. In high school he played football and basketball, and got into a rap group called NOM. Within the group they used to go in Tai’s mother’s basement to master their craft rapping upon each other. The group thing didn’t work, and everybody went there separate ways. Attending college he performed in rap battles and talent shows to get his name Tai Theory known. In 2003 Theory graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Johnson C Smith College in North Carolina. From the repsonce in college, Theory started to take his music career more serious.Tai moved back to Baltimore to find a job and to pursue his music.. He started listening to his favorite emcee’s who grew up on such artists as 2pac, Biggie,Jay-Z, Nas, KRS 1, Snoop and Dre, Scarface, Ice Cube, Outcast, Wu Tang, Mobb deep, Big L, and the Lox for inspiration to work on a mixtape. Theory taught himself how to count bars and write songs by studying his favorite artist’s. He also taught himself how to write a little R&B. Theory also co wrote some songs for local R&B artists. In 2004 Tai put out a mixtape and gave out 4,000 copies free just to see what the people would say. Theory got back a fifty/fifty response on his mixtape. Some people said the mixtape was hot, and some said the mixtape was ok. With a fifty/fifty response Theory worked on mastering his flow and punch line wordplay to put out another mixtape, and come ten times harder. In 2005 he dropped another mixtape, and got a better response. He sold about 3,000 copies and gave out 2,000 for promotional marketing. It wasn’t all about the money Tai just wanted to get his name out. He got a way better response on the 2005 mixtape he put out. In 06 he dropped another mixtape and sold 4,000 copies in the streets and online. Then Theory started doing shows at 5 seasons(local hip hop spot in Baltimore), and other hip hop spots in Baltimore. He started opening up for Huli Shallone (Baltimore’s well known local artist) which he has worked with many fresh and opened up for various rappers in the game that performed in Baltimore. Theory started making a name for himself as a well respected local artist. Now he feels that he is at his full potential to take his place in the game of hip hop. Theory has singles such as Fresher, Let’s talk money, and too late, which he thinks can give him mainstream notification, and worldwide be respected as a creative emcee. For more info about Tai Theory go to http://blockworkz.com/taitheory/

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