The Lady of Rage is Back

Guess who's back? THE LADY OF RAGE!

MC Eiht – Heart Cold ft. Lady of Rage produced by Dj Premier!

West Coast legend MC Eiht returns with a new visual for “Heart Cold,” a Lady of Rage assisted new cut from he and DJ Premier’s Which Way Iz West album

Featuring an ice-cold DJ Premier beat and some tight rapping from Eiht and Lady of Rage, the new Jae Synth-directed visual finds all three artists taking things to an actual freezer. From there, they sit atop bags of ice and go to work in a chilly room—all without flinching. After all, they’re cold-hearted, so freezing temperatures are just fine. First up is Rage, who clearly hasn’t lost a step.

“It’s like catching a fade with Kimbo/I slice up anyone of these bimbo’s/And all the kin folks, and never scuff up my Timbos (his heart is cold)/And mine been froze, I/I toss that ass out a limo window and into limbo,” she spits on the track. Sheesh.

Then, of course, is Eiht, who easily holds it down with a veteran mic presence and some tight lyrics of his own. “It’s the, original criminal/Y’all subliminal/Loc, I break it down to the last of minerals/That’s any individual/Killin you’d be the pinnacle/For you to beat me it’s gonna take a miracle,” raps Eiht.


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